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Our family’s origins from Pylos gave us the opportunity to meet, explore and love this historical and picturesque part of Messenia.

We bought the property in 2010. It is located on the Pylos outskirts, on a verdant slope with olive groves and a panoramic view of the Navarino bay, the island of Sphakteria and the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. The peaceful tranquility combined with the explosion of the senses, as offered by this location with the green landscape between the sky and the sea, led us to the decision to use the estate for touristic purposes.

We would like to provide to our guests from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy this breathtaking view, the wonderful sunsets, the possibility to be in nature, to listen to its sounds, to rest and relax, as well as to introduce them to the beauties and sights of our region. In 2014, the construction of the property and the apartments was completed.

We organized and decorated the apartments in order to offer comfort, tranquility, relaxation and privacy to every guest. As a small family business, we do everything with great love and dedication. Our philosophy and motto are based on holidays according to your own requirements, needs and habits.

«Holidays away from home, like at home»
Pylean Blue Villas - Hosts - Lazaridis Family
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