Med Diet

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Tradition and experience go along together in Messinia. The tourists could have the opportunity to learn first hand one of the daily life parts of every Messinian, get involved with the traditional method of collecting the olives and discover the way to produce their own olive oil.

They could actively participate and collect olives with the preferred way by laying the nets around the trees, striking the branches with long sticks and causing olives to fall. During the demonstration and participation the tourists may also get information on the local olive varieties and olive tree planting as well as the different steps occured until we get the sack full.

Local Products

Messinia is a blessed land, with a stunning olive garden but not yet. Euripides called Messinia “the land of the good fruit” for its beauty and its fertile rich earth. Its agricultural sector remains really important with major products such as figs, raisins, grapes (wine), watermelons, oranges, olives and olive oil.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil - Med diet - Pylos Messinia - Hotel Villas accommodation guide - Pylean Blue

The olive oil of Messinia – dubbed “liquid gold” by Homer – is considered by lovers of good food to be among the finest in the world. The best-known olive varieties are Koroneiki and Kalamata, the famous table olive. Around 250 olive-oil presses operate in Messinia, producing an average of 50.000-55.000 tons annually, 95% of which is cold-pressed, extra virgin olive-oil.

Messinian Wine

Messinian Wine - Med diet - Pylos Hotel Villas accommodation guide - Pylean Blue

Wine has always been a staple of the Messinian diet, bringing man and nature into close unity of spirit and activity. The countryside is dotted with large and small vineyards owned by local families that make their own wine. Some even preserve age-old methods of grape crushing, the first step in the art of traditional vinification. From these vineyards the well known balsamic vinegar of Messinia is also produced.


Greek figs - Pylos Messinia - Hotel Villas accommodation guide - Pylean Blue

A high-quality product of Messinia, locally grown since ancient times, the region’s delicious figs (either fresh or dried) have become an international delicacy. Figs are mainly cultivated in the municipality of Messini an in areas around the city of Kalamata.

Honey & Pasteli

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Messinia is a region that produces excellent honey. The best is said to be from Mount Taygetos where its rich flora enables bees to make an aromatic and highly flavorful honey.

The famous pasteli of Kalamata is made with two ingredients, the superb honey of the region and sesame seeds. There is more calcium in this delicious candy bar than in milk, cheese or nuts.