Sandy beaches

Pylos Messinia Landscape - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

The beaches of Pylos are countless and satisfy every taste. White sand, big pebbles or steep rocks, all forms coexist side by side and make Pylos a heaven for sea lovers. Swim in crystal-clear waters at secluded beaches reached only by boat.

Pylos Messinia - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide
Pylos Messinia - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide
Pylos Messinia - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Golden Beach

Gialova Golden Beach - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Divari or Chrisi Akti is one of the most well-known beaches of Pylia. It is an extremely long beach and it is included in the designated special protection areas of Natura 2000. Divari lies opposite the town of Pylos. Near the area where the beach spreads, the visitor will find the beautiful lagoon of Gialova where an interesting variety of flora and fauna exists. The beach is located after the built-up area of Gialova. You should keep driving on the county road and just c. 400-500 metres down this road you will see a sign on you left leading you to the beach.


Sykia Pass & Sphacteria Beach

Sykia Pass & Sphacteria beach - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Sphacteria is a small island located at the entrance to the bay of Pylos (Navarino Bay). In ancient times it was the site of the Battle of Sphacteria in the Peloponnesian war. The Sykia Pass is found in end of Divari Beach, under the shade of Paliokastro. It is a narrow water passage that divides the island of Sphacteria from the mainland, which the island was originally part of.

The shallow waters are crystal clear and the small stripe of sandy coast gives visitors the opportunity to easily accommodate themselves and relax. You can reach the place either by car following the dirt road in the end of Divari Beach or on foot walking down the beach. Alternatively, you can arrive following the route beneath Paliokastro from the side of Voidokilia; it will lead you right to the passage.

We recommend you is to try to swim to the opposite coast to Sphacteria Beach, it is not particularly difficult as the waters are pretty shallow. The splendour of the beach you will reach will compensate you for your effort!


Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia beach - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Voidokilia Beach is a popular beach in Messinia in the Mediterranean area. In the shape of the Greek letter omega, its sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. On the land-facing side of the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat. The beach has been named “A Place of Particular Natural Beauty”.

Romanos-Dunes Beach

Romanos beach - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Romanos-Dunes beach is near the village with same name of western Messinia. The locals call it also Glyfadaki. It is a large beach overlooking the Sea with fine sand. There are actually a lot of small beaches, one next to another.

The first part of the Romanos beach is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, cafe and bar, while on top there is a restaurant for those who would starve during their sunbath. The remaining part of the beach that is unspoilt and quieter is preferred by families and those seeking tranquility and privacy.

Located about 2 km. north of the beach of Voidokoilia and beyond the beautiful landscape of sandy beach and the blue waters, the beach is also popular for the plenty of small turtles that visit the beach to lay their eggs.


Methoni Beach

Methoni beach with Castle - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Methoni’s ravishing beach spreads along the whole bay; from the area under the castle to the long stretch of sand at the other end of the bay. It is a quite large in size beach covered by sand and pebbles in places. The clear shallow waters are ideal for little children. The beach is definitely advisable for families.

The castle of Methoni and the octagonal tower (Mpourtzi) on a small islet just a few hundred metres from Methoni which used to serve as a prison, are both visible from the beach of Methoni creating a picturesque scenery for the tourist. There is also a road just above the beach, where you can park your vehicle.


Lampes Beach

Lampes beach - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

On the road from Methoni to Finikounda, the first beach you will meet is the beach of lamps. Beach Bars and restaurants reach up to the golden sand and shallow waters making this location on of the most the popular destinations for people of all ages. Accessing the beach is very easy ,as usually,there is parking for everyone.


Sapientza Beach

Sapientza Heart Island - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

Sapientza is a Greek island off the southern coast of the Peloponnese, near the city of Methóni. It has a beach in the north, which is called Sand.

The island includes rare broadleaf evergreen forests. Mediterranean shrubby plants such as strawberry or lentisk Sapientza to meet with arborescent form and form dense forest. An area of ​​240 acres of forest Sapienza has officially declared a protected monument of nature. Also Sapienza is included in the Natura 2000 network with the neighboring island Schizas and area of ​​Cape Akritas. The island population is living large wild goats, known ibex.

It also includes a special “heart-shaped” island (photo) which is a very famous attraction among the photo albums of the world.


Kamaria Beach

Anemomilos Beach Finikounda - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

The beach of Kamaria (Anemomilos) is just 500 meters away from the center of Finikouda on the road to Methoni and is the most famous beach in the area. It is actually part of the huge beach that extends along 8 kilometers and the locals also call it Thines or Mavrovouni. It has velvety white sand and crystal clear waters, while beach of Kamaria has been awarded with a blue flag and is ideal for families as it deepens smoothly.

Beach of Kamaria is easily accessible and offers everything a visitor wants. It is organized with sun beds and umbrellas and gives the opportunity for many water sports and so it is the meeting place for lovers of windsurfing. The beach is so big that even during the busiest days of the summer you will find plenty of room to sit. The beach of Kamaria has many taverns on the seafront, where you can enjoy your meal after swimming, many rooms to let and camping.


Tsapi Beach

Tsapi Beach Photo by Jon Storey - Pylean Blue Hotel Villas Accommodation guide

It is one of the most remote beaches since you need to travel a distance of 7 kilometres from the main road. Isolated as much as it gets you will need supplies to enjoy the sand and the deep waters .since it is yet intact from every human intervention. The landscape and the beautiful creek will compensate you for making this choice.